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Here are our current favourite club anthems

Here are our current favourite club anthems

Kelly Doherty

Festival season is now well and truly behind us as we say goodbye to another year of leaking tents, over-priced pints and being stuck behind the tallest member of the crowd for all of your favourite artists. Autumn is the time to shake off your summer skin,  put away childish things (the hippie pants you bought for Knockanstockan) and focus on your real-life and responsibilities.

Thankfully though, whilst sitting in a damp tent searching for your last can with the flashlight on your dying phone may no longer be an option, we don’t actually have to resign ourselves to the good times being over once September kicks in. With the nights getting longer, Autumn is a ripe time for the best of all music events – the humble club night.

Cheaper than festivals, filled with local acts and usually offering the option to sleep in your own bed at the end of the night, Ireland’s club & DJ scene is thriving right now and almost every night of the week there’s an option out there for whatever taste or style you like. Campaigns like Give Us The Night are working hard to make the scene better by tackling prohibitive legislation in the area so there’s never been a better time to get out and support your local club night and show just how important clubbing is for the country as a social and cultural outlet.

With that in mind, we’re getting ready for club season at Nialler9 by pulling together a list of tracks from different styles that are guaranteed to have us going absolutely ninety on the dancefloor. With sounds ranging from breakbeats and deconstructed club to house and electro, these tracks will get any night started off right.




O’Flynn’s debut album, Alethia has to be one of the most fun albums released this year. ‘Alethia’ is the third track and immediately stands out. The sweet vocals send you into a trance as it echoes off wavey synths and sporadic rhythm. O’Flynn ties everything together before stripping it back and allowing the song to grow again.

The vocals are cut and electronic keys get pulled, stripping back everything to a primal beat on percussion. So it’s no wonder that this track has been turning heads. As of recent, Bonobo has been featuring this song in his sets. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.

– Donal Corrigan

Borai & Denham Audio

Make Me

Originally released on Borai & Denham Audio’s Club Glow Vol 1. early last year, ‘Make Me’ quickly became a standout success and earned itself a re-mastering and reissue in the summer of 2019. In the middle of an album of rave-ready hardcore, ‘Make Me’ shows a more measured and developed sound. Downtempo breakbeats form the foundation of ‘Make Me’ whilst an understated synth melody matches it to build an incessant yet never obnoxious groove.

It’s a rarity to hear a song that is perfect for the club but can also command the catchiness of a pop song but Borai & Denham Audio have built something that will buzz around your brain long after the party is over.

– Kelly Doherty



Love Safari

NYRA - Love Safari (Canoe 005)

Whether it’s mainstage at a festival or at your granny’s 80th birthday bash, this track is bound to fill any dancefloor. Crunchy kick drums and rolling bongos give us a quintessential house beat. A bouncing bass slowly builds, paving the way for powerful vocal samples to kick in.

‘Love Safari’ is the third song off Nyra’s three-track EP, CANOE010. Nyra was an aspiring professional cyclist before he turned his attention to the music industry. Since then he’s built up a stellar discography which has been circulated by Annie Mac, Midland, Detroit Swindle and Ben Sims.

– Donal Corrigan

Cheba Yamina

Sidi Mansour (Moving Still Edit)

A golden disco edit from Irish producer Moving Still. Me and my friends have been cooking up a special version of the Macarena to this for just the right occasion.

– Luke Sharkey


Шакке (Schacke)

Kisloty People

Шакке (Schacke) - Kisloty People [КЛУБ001]

This song will have you reaching for some straight vodka and your finest pair of Adidas bottoms as your inner raver gets channelled. These vocals circulated for some time in my head before I finally found this track. Although it took weeks of trudging through the depths of the internet, ‘Kisloty People’ finally, somehow, found its way to me.

The punch that comes with Schacke’s track is a rarity these days. The distorted snares and pumping bassline whack in from the get-go, so you know exactly what you’re in store for. If there’s a dance floor in need of an adrenaline shot, ‘Kisloty People’ is the only thing for it.

– Donal Corrigan


Rui Ho



Rui Ho’s second EP In Pursuit of the Sun 逐日 sees the producer interpreting the classical Chinese text, the Shan Hai Jing, through rave, jungle, trance and all things mega sounding. Lead single ‘Acceleration’ is a floor-stomping certified banger with crushingly huge synths, a non-stop driving bassline and euphoric melodies making for a track that is crying out to be blared from the biggest sound system you can get your hands on.

– Kelly Doherty


Object Blue

Ecstasy Of Saint Teresa

Object Blue - Ecstasy Of Saint Teresa

2019 has been a great year for club experimentalists and Object Blue’s Figure Beside Me EP is a wonderful swirl of intricacies and intensity that pushes those boundaries further. Leading track ‘Ecstasy of Saint Teresa’ sees the UK based producer abandon any concept of traditional club music structure in favour of percussive glitchiness and slow development which allows each element room to breathe and grow and be drawn out of its traditional perfunctory role.

When releasing the EP, Object Blue said that it was her first time releasing music about her life or emotions, which makes sense as ‘Ecstasy of Saint Teresa’ is a pure blast of self-expression.

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– Kelly Doherty



Burial - Claustro

The British producer’s comeback single is a tribute to the lost generation of dreamers who exchanged bangers via Bluetooth. I can still feel the anxiety of watching the progress bar inch closer to 100 as I desperately tried not to get caught red-handed at the back of class.

– Luke Sharkey


Proc Fiskal


Proc Fiskal - Pico

Yet another great release from the Hyperdub label, Proc Fiskal’s new EP Shleekit Doss is a cross-genre bounce of experimentation and left-turns. Lead single ‘Pico’ is an upbeat melting pot of glitchily programmed drums and surprising sampling. Delivering a non-stop morphing and changing aural landscape, it’s a track that almost feels like an EP in of itself and marks a major growth for the Edinburgh producer.

– Kelly Doherty

Kokoro Disco San

Isla Fantasía

Kokoro Disco-San - Isla Fantasía [Audio]

Modern disco lifted straight out of Barcelona. This little known disco outfit came to my attention via deep dive into Boom Kat and I haven’t looked back since. I hear a lot of classic Roísin Murphy in the instrumentation and I love me some Roísin Murphy.

– Luke Sharkey


Neba Solo

Can 2002

Neba Solo - Can 2002 (2019 reissue, music video)

If you thought that your dancefloor didn’t need a marimba with wooden keys, you’re wrong. The raw vibrations that you get off this instrument create an infectious rhythm. This paired with the stellar voice of Neba Solo is all the makings of a really special afro-house song. Neba Solo was inspired by reggae music when grew up in Mali. ‘Can 2002’ was written for The African Cup of Nations when his home country hosted the tournament.  The track has since travelled across the globe, gracing any dance floor it comes to.

– Donal Corrigan


Rock Non Stop

Rock Non Stop

Driven french house, a beautiful idea looped ad nauseum. Beats you over the head with a gorgeous bassline until you’re silly enough to think your Spider-Man 3 inspired dance routine down South William street is gonna look anything but goofy. RIP Philippe Zdar.

– Luke Sharkey

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