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Hidden Agenda’s first Lost Lane booking will be Romare

Hidden Agenda’s first Lost Lane booking will be Romare

Yesterday we told you that Lost Lane had announced a new series of collaborative club nights between Nialler9, Hidden Agenda and Sally Cinnamon.

Today, we’ve got the first act booked from that collaboration.

UK producer and DJ Romare is a unique voice in contemporary dance music. The producer studied African-American visual culture as part of his university education, it’s been a constant and palpable influence on his work since.

His 2012 EP Meditations On Afrocentrism boasted a sample-heavy, downtempo flavour of dance music distinctly informed by African American artistic aesthetics.

Romare - "Motherless Child" (Official Video)

Perhaps best known for his 2015 LP Projections, which pushed further into the realms of abstractions. Dance music but a step or two removed from the norm.

The Ninja Tune signed producer will be doing a DJ set in Lost Lane on October 19th, as booked by Hidden Agenda. Support will come from Squig.

Early Bird tickets, at €10+, are on sale now here.

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