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Holy Fuck @ Whelans

Holy Fuck @ Whelans


I can haz pedal?

Not exactly the chest-pummeling I was hoping for but a gentle ribbing none the less. When Holy Fuck were louder, they were better. An abundance of guitar pedals from delay to distortion, controllers with one singular comically large red button, four mixers, a ton of Casio keyboards, a vintage tape loop machine and a superbly tight rhythm section. I wanted more aggression, more dirt. In the end, I was sufficiently swathed in sound but not drowning in it. There was an an encore, a couple of songs I didn’t recognise – with a lot more of an ambient electronica vibe to them yet upbeat. One phrase sounded like U2. I feel a festival atmosphere may suit them better. Onwards Primavera!

This captured video of ‘Lovely Allen’ is particularly eh… lovely.