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Home taping is killing music!

Home taping is killing music!



“Basically we record famous people and make it sound like they’re talking about sex or drugs. It’s a winning formula.”

So say Cassetteboy, a largely anonymous (Mike and Simon) and very talented duo from Essex, UK. Casetteboy’s wonderfully skewed recordings are not only an astonishing exercise in sampling, but captivating and highly entertaining compilations too. Quite a lot of their tunes consist of a hilarious and relentless barrage of literally thousands of carefully dissected and arranged samples of everyone from Tony Blair to MC Hammer, interspersed with excellent instrumental interludes. To date, they have released the excellent Parker Tapes (2002), Mick’s Tape (2005) and Inside a whale’s cock vol1 with DJ Rubbish (2003), both well worth a look as well. Cassetteboy released their second studio album proper also in 2005, Dead Horse. For shame I have not yet heard it, so if anyone has views on it, feel free. In the meantime here’s a short selection of The Parker Tapes to whet your appetite. Buy Cassetteboy at


Cassetteboy Interlude1

Cassetteboy – Jamie Oliver

Cassetteboy – Dark Side Farmers

Cassetteboy – Camouflage

Cassetteboy – We are new Labour

Cassetteboy – Interlude2

Cassetteboy – Aint no party like an Sclub party!

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