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Youtube Friday!! – Kraftwerk

Youtube Friday!! – Kraftwerk

Ah where to begin with the mighty Godfathers of Electronica? I’m 100% certain the musical landscape would be a lot different in 2006 if it hadn’t of been for their pioneering work in electronic instrumentation in the last 35 years. Personally, they gave me one of the most memorable gigs of my short 23 years at Electric Picnic last year. They are still as relevant as ever. Ladies and gentlemen… Kraftwerk.


Kraftwerk – The Model (live)


Kraftwerk – We are the Robots


Kraftwerk – Autobahn


Kraftwerk – Minimum Maximum DVD Trailer


Kraftwerk – Numbers (live)


Kraftwerk – Aerodynamik (live)


Kraftwerk – kraftwerk rai tv 1981


More Youtube Friday next week.

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