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Human is Music

Human is Music


Signed to Rumracket, a small label from Copenhagen which also released Grizzly Bear’s first album, Cacoy are a delightful mix of electronica and rock instrumentation that sound a bit like Stereolab or Lali Puna fronted by the squeaky singer from Deerhoof. Their press release says:

On invitation from DJ KLOCK the two unconventional pop wonders Saya and Ueno from fantastic Tenniscoats and Maher Shalal Hash Baz teamed up with Klock in 2003, and formed Cacoy, a true Japanese all-star band. Featuring flawless to good to be true beats made on turntables and computers by the wiz DJ KLOCK plus layers of childish yet extremely beautiful melodies played on organ, guitar, saxophone and SAYA´s characteristic singing.

Sounds promising. I’ve only heard this song below and the song “mo ma W Maw” in the video above produced by UFX, but they sound like they are worth checking out. The album Human is Music was released earlier this year on Rumracket when Danish band and label founders Efterklang heard it and released it in Europe (three years after its release in Japan).

On a related note, I received my copy of Shugo Tokumaru’s Night Piece. It’s fantastic. There must be some other great music coming out of Asia. Anybody got any recommendations for our Oriental cousins?


Cacoy – Piracle Pa

Also on the Rumracket label and from Japan, here’s a song from Kama Aina – sounds a bit like a Juana Molina instrumental. I really like this one.

Kama Aina – Hotaru

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