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I can haz hat-trick?

I can haz hat-trick?

It happened again. Forget the Oscars for a minute , this is the Bloscars I’m talking about. I won a third Irish Blog Award over the weekend. I didn’t think it would be my year such was the calibre of the other shortlistees (Jim, Darragh, Kevin & State). The awards took place in the Cork International Airport Hotel, a hotel with the most kickass toilets I’ve ever been in. Seriously, you had to be there! And plenty of people were, it was fun to stick around and talk to couple of hundred bloggers and their friends until the early hours. Congrats to all the winners especially Raptureponies, Justin , The Sweary Lady , thanks for all the nice comments ( I think I should retire from the awards now!) and big props to Lord Mulley, Rick “” O’ Shea, Johnny from for sponsoring the category and everyone else for organising the awards in the first place. My only disappointment is not getting one of those “LEDGEBAG” badges that were floating about.

Right on with the programme – here’s a superb video by Danny Garcia for Flying Lotus’ ‘Infinitum’ featuring Laura Darlington.

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