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iamamiwhoami’s epic concert film

iamamiwhoami’s epic concert film


It begins with a long car journey prelude. Our intrepid protaganist is led down an elaborate electronic-soundtrack rabbit hole. For over 60 minutes, we are treated to an iamamiwhoami (or is it Bounty now) concert / film / performance art piece. You’ve never seen anything truly like this. It’s a brilliant execution.

You have to applaud Jonna Lee and whomever else is involved in the project for sticking to what must have been the plan all along. After all, it was the audience and people like myself who called it a viral video series. To them, it was a slow unravelling and reveal of an artist.

Watch at (Stream was only up for 6 hours)

You can now buy the audio from iTunes. Videos up on Youtube still.

Check this Facebook page or this fansite for more links