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iamamiwhoami revealed – A song

iamamiwhoami revealed – A song




Can we stop the Christina Aguilera rumours now? Another iamamiwhoami video appeared most likely while you were asleep this morning. The enigmatic performer plays a song at a piano covered in paper and plastic while two scruffy bearded dudes look discombobulated in the background.

Still no definite on who it is. Can we say it’s not Xtina, not Little Boots, not Fever Ray/The Knife, not Goldfrapp, not The Golden Filter. This artist or band are either Scandanavian or English I bet. Popjustice forum members reckon it’s Jonna Lee from Sweden (Myspace). It certainly looks like her (and her band). She’s also playing SXSW. The saga continues..but maybe not much longer now.

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