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iamamiwhoami – ‘vista’

iamamiwhoami – ‘vista’

iamamiwhoami; vista

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m still following the output of iamamiwhoami for a few reasons. Firstly, no-one else right now is consistently marrying audio and visual content in a music capacity to such a well-put together manner. Secondly, the episodic release of new music as a music video without any other context marks it as an event. Thirdly, I like a lot of the music and vibes they are putting out there. It is unique and the thought that goes behind the production of all of their output should be applauded. It still think their 2010 concert (if you can call it that) was ambitious, brave and unlike anything else out there.

For their latest ‘vista’, they stick with the glacial atmospherics in both song and visual with icy water crashing at icier shore, while Jonna Lee looks like a the Narnia ice queen taking a breather.

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