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iamamiwhoami – ‘fountain’

iamamiwhoami – ‘fountain’

iamamiwhoami; fountain

I’ll always have a soft spot for iamamiwhoami’s artistry. Their project as a whole is about A and V: audio and video and when they combine as they did on their epic live concert film a few years ago, still one of the most stunning marriages of both I’ve seen.

Add to that a cunning use of a band (who we now know are singer Jonna Lee, producer/songwriter Claes Björklund and visual directors WAVE). who have essentially created their own world and language and who are communicating it through primarily through Youtube and it makes you wonder why more people don’t try to do the same, to draw in a rabid fanbase by making them feel part of a world unknown to them.

That said, The veil of mystery that the band bowed down to above all else has been removed with festival appearances (like last year’s Forbidden Fruit slot) but the band still make seductive music videos and ‘fountain’ features stunning vistas, whales in the water, forests, epic waves and Jonna Lee starring at the centre of the aural maelstrom.

The band are slyly and quietly looking for funds it seems (which maybe explains why more bands don’t do what they do – it looks expensive).

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