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ICA: The Show videos

ICA: The Show videos

The Battles video I posted last week was from the ICA: The Show series of PSP videos which of course, have found their way up on YouTube as well. According to the website:

ICA: The Show, is a bi-monthly video magazine conceived by the Institute of Contemporary Arts for the PlayStation ®Portable exploring the working methods, philosophies and styles of film makers, artists, designers and musicians.

It’s a nice idea and one that I’d like to see replicated at home, but perhaps the PSP would be too small an audience. Even iPod compatible video would be more suitable and appropriate considering many of the artists featured are musicians. Anyway, check out the videos – interesting profiles and live footage.

Coco Rosie


Juana Molina


More videos after the jump.

David Shrigley




Beardyman (UK Beatbox champion)


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