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Intro: Tinashe – R&B singer on the rise

Intro: Tinashe – R&B singer on the rise

Tinashe Jorgenson Kachingwe, best known as Tinashe has spent her short career making significant moves in the worlds of entertainment. As an actor, she’s featured as Michael Clark Duncan’s daughter in Two And A Half Men, provided voiceovers alongside Tom Hanks in The Polar Express. She’s recently featured in an advert touting the benefits of a acne-treatment product.

Her own music is of a rhythmic pop persuasion taking in R&B, electronica and hip-hop. As a vocalist, she’s guested on tracks from electronic producers Ryan Hemsworth and Jacques Greene and was formerly a member of the girl band The Stunners. In the last few years, she’s released three mixtapes of ambient R&B music, the latest being December’s Black Water, the highlight of which was the dark-paced ‘Vulnerable’.

This year, she’ll finally release her major label debut Aquarius after over two years of preparation. Hemsworth guests as a producer as does Clams Casino, the man who helped A$AP Rocky’s rise to prominence. Rapper Schoolboy Q provides a filthy verse on a promo track ‘2 On’, a more-direct track with Tinashe getting faded with the big boys. With her current momentum, it’ll be no surprise when she ends up there.

Tinashe - ECSTASY (Official Music Video)

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