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Introducing: DM Stith

Introducing: DM Stith



All of a sudden, I’m feeling a bit of a buzz around David Michael Stith or DM Stith as he is more commonly known. The Sunday Times and The Observer featured him over the last two weekends. Shane and Jim mentioned him too.

He sounds like Daniel Rossen and more specifically, Rossen’s Dapartment of Eagles output albeit with the voices of ghosts and spectres shrouded in dusk on a lonely troubadour’s walk betwixt desolate nearby villages. Dare I say it? – This year’s Bon Iver? Not right now. Here are some songs from his site.

DM Stith – Just Once (from Curtain Speech EP)

DM Stith – Thanksgiving Moon

Rafter – Merchadise (DM $tith remix)

He is signed to Asthmatic Kitty and you can listen to new album Heavy Ghost on the new Muxtape.