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Introducing: Evian Christ

Introducing: Evian Christ

Not even two weeks into 2012 and we’ve already got ourselves a couple of anonymous electronic producers who are making interesting productions. Evian Christ currently exists as only Youtube channel with eight tracks and some shape-based visual artwork although suggestions say it’s the work of Joshua Leary who has a track on an URB mix called ‘Evian Christ’.

Most of the tracks are based around vocal samples from rap tunes, with one in particular Tyga’s ‘Snapbacks Back’ sampled on a few tracks as if Evian Christ is researching its possibilities (or it was the only a-cappella he could get his hands on). ‘Thrown Like Jacks’ also has a Grouper sample. Where last year Clams Casino made spatial instrumentals for rappers that would eventually be categorised as “cloud rap”, Evian Christ is making experimental electronic music using rap sources as a raw material and coming out with similar yet more downtempo sparse style with some post-dubstep and juke house sound references.

It’s very early days to know where this project is going but there’s plenty of material to get lost in as I have been doing over the past week.

Hit play and to hear all 8 tunes uploaded so far:

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