, Irish hip-hop documentary ‘Up Next’ to premiere in The Workman’s Club this Saturday

Up Next is the Irish hip-hop documentary directed by photographer & film maker Bobby Zithelo.

The film, which came to our attention at the start of March, details the rise of Ireland’s current hip-hop generation, with live footage, interviews and of course, the music.

Up Next features contributions from and footage of Why-Axis, Nealo, Nonzus Magnus, Flynn Johnson and Shane McAuley of Soul Doubt magazine.

Check out the trailer.

The premiere is co-hosted by District Magazine and Soul Doubt, it features a screening of the film – followed by a panel discussion from some of the artists covered in the production. Finally, Why-Axis will be closing out the night with a brief DJ set.

Having had kept my eye on this for a while, it seems like Zithelo has his finger on the pulse when it comes to Irish hip-hop. Tons of styles, voices and regions of artists will be covered in the film so its’ a hip-hop head’s treat and a fantastic introduction to what’s going on for people looking to learn more about the scene.

Tickets are free so grab them quick. More details on the event & tickets here.