Watch: Up Next is the brand new documentary detailing the rise of Irish Hip-Hop


Film student Bobby Zithelo has made it his mission to document the current state of Irish music over the past couple of years.

In 2017 Zithelo directed Down With Jazz, a project which focused in on Irish jazz musicians and artists. Despite not having graduated from film school, that documentary turned heads and ended up being shown at indie festivals that summer. Watch the full thing here.

Now, as part of a final year project, Zithelo has turned the lens on Irish hip-hop.

Up Next offers a detailed insight into the burgeoning scene here, featuring musicians and cultural ambassadors alike.

The trailer, released today, looks exciting – featuring audio snippets from Why-Axis and Soul Doubt creator Shane McAuley.

While the majority of the doc will focus in on Dublin, Zithelo has included input from artists throughout the country. Waterford man Pat Lagoon is there, as are Limerick lads Hazey Haze and Gavin Devinci.

So far confirmed to be in the release are Why-Axis, Nonzus Magnus, Nealo, Shane McAuley, Flynn Johnson, UppBeat. That’s pretty stacked, a ton of those artists appeared on our Irish hip-hop in 2019 article.

An official release date is yet to be confirmed, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.