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Irish Music Blogs in the Irish Times

Irish Music Blogs in the Irish Times

In today’s Irish Times The Ticket section, Jim Carroll highlights some of the best Irish Music Blogs around including this one, UnaRocks, House is a Feeling, The Torture Garden, Sinéad, Magoo, No Clarity, Weareie, Test, Cheebah, Killkenny Music and more. For such a small country we’ve got a wildy diverse selection of music bloggers covering all aspects and genres. If you haven’t visited any of the above, hop to it, you’ll find something you like guaranteed..

Here’s what Ledgebag Jim had to say about me…


WHAT IS IT? We thought it was the best Irish music blog on the interweb, and now the Irish Blog Awards have endorsed that view. Enthusiastic and on-the-money recommendations and MP3s of new and overlooked music from web designer Niall Byrne.

CONTENT: Nialler9 has a predilection for alt hip-hop so there’s lots of Edan, RJD2, Def Jux and Aesop Rock, but he’s also a fan of Au Revoir Simone and Modeselektor. He’s also linking to the exellent free download-only Decal album and advises readers to have another look at Bloc Party’s overlooked Silent Alarm remix album.

A TASTE: “Another day, another excuse to mention Battles, the only math-rock band worth mentioning these days”.

I prefer music enthusiast Jim but whatevah.. Anybody need a website? 😉

Oh and credit goes to Mike for the Bloc Party remix album post. Next week I’m starting a monthly podcast full of recommended tunes that I can’t get enough of and haven’t got time to blog about! You won’t be hearing this beautiful voice however as I’ve got a professional young lady (read: has her own Radio Show) to present the podcast. All will be revealed. Should be up Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the amount of debauchery the weekend has planned for us all… 🙂

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