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It’s the new style…Jumpstyle!

It’s the new style…Jumpstyle!

If anything was right with the world, the kids would put down their Wii’s, forget delinquency, loitering, anti-social behaviour and get dancing like this…This is simultaneously one of the funniest, cheesiest and uplifting dance moves I’ve ever seen. It’s like line dancing on acid!

It’s called Jumpstyle or hakken and originated in Belgium. Thank you our Lowland brethren. Fingers crossed, Summer in Ireland 2007 will be remembered as the year of Jumpstyle. Imagine… parking lots in Naas populated by boy racers having Jumpstyle battles! Mark McCabe could release a jumpstyle version of Maniac 2000! It could solve child obesity! Forget the election, Jumpstyle could turn this country into something beautiful again!

Schoolyard Jumpstyle!

Disco Jumpstyle!

More handpicked Jumpstyle videos after the jump (LOL! No pun intended).

Rural Jumpstyle!

Simpsons parody Jumpstyle!

Indie Jumpstyle (The Fratellis)!

Sorry, but this dance demands exclamations!

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