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James Pants – like breathe easy boxers

James Pants – like breathe easy boxers

Let’s get this straight. James Pants is a nerd and his music is odd. He’s like a guy you meet in the pub who says odd things but ends up being a good mate down the line. Signed to Stone Throw, after becoming an intern there and convincing Peanut Butter Wolf of his skills, Pants released his album Welcome this month to divisive opinions.

Pitchfork’s Nate Patrin hit the nail on the head when he said in his 5.0 review of the album – “Chances are that this album will alienate the shit out of you quite a bit before you start catching on to its fucked-up charm, and you might even give up before you get to that point.

I urge you not to give up on Welcome. It’s a weird mix of vintage synths, hip-hop rhythms, R&B crooning, P-Funk breaks and out-there electronica. It’s certainly interesting. To take the pants analogy further, at least he’s not a pair of skidded brown Y-fronts. Rather he’s a slightly embarassingly patterned, loose-fitting pair of breathe easy boxers. Sample Mr Pants below.

James Pants – We’re Through

James Pants – Crystal Lite

James Pants – My Tree

James Pants on MySpace.

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