James Vincent McMorrow collaborates with Rudimental on ‘Be Somebody’


James Vincent McMorrow has a new song out in collaboration with UK dance group Rudimental which takes his music into a pop electronic space.

The song came about when McMorrow did some writing sessions with songwriter and producer Jimmy Napes.

“ I’m a pretty abstract writer, I rarely write in a linear fashion from start to finish. Obv Jimmy is a brilliant writer and can write a million different ways, but on that particular day we just sat with a guitar and started taking a song one chord and one line at a time, and this just came out incredibly naturally. It feels a bit redundant to talk about how songs feel prescient for the particular moment we’re in, honestly any songs about being unsure or emotionally lacking feel very of this moment.”

Here’s ‘Be Somebody’:

James McMorrow will release a new album this year on Columbia Records.