, James Vincent McMorrow debuts title track from new LP out Friday

As confirmed last week, James Vincent McMorrow will release a new album True Care, this Friday.

‘True Care’ is the title track from the album and is about a time when he was younger when he didn’t accept help.

“I was pretty unwell when i was 17, a lot of emotional issues manifested themselves quite physically. I was also an incredibly private person, i still am, (which is why writing all this out is so terrifying/exciting), so O didn’t really open myself up at that point to the possibility of someone taking care of me. I’m not saying ‘why didn’t someone show me care’, i’m saying that i didn’t allow for that to ever happen by closing myself off.”

Check out the annotated lyrics:


1.December 2914
2.True Care
4.Thank You
5.Interlude 1
7.Holding On
9.Pink Salt Lake
10.Interlude 2
11.Bend Your Knees
12.Change of Heart
13.I’m Glad It’s Raining
14.Don’t Wait Forever