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James Vincent McMorrow – ‘You Know’

James Vincent McMorrow – ‘You Know’

Despite a constant tour for Post-Tropical, James Vincent McMorrow has still found time to give us new music and videos.

Today, he’s announced that the album will receive a deluxe version release on November 10th which will previously unreleased material including ‘When I Leave’, remixes and live solo recordings. One of those songs, ‘You Know’, is a very direct track with warm synth keys, a simple drum beat and James’ falsetto singing “you’re my love / your love is all I ever want,” coming as close to sounding like Bon Iver as he’s ever been.

Bonus Tracklisting

1. When I Leave (bonus track)
2. You Know (bonus track)
3. New Romancers Ft. Moors (bonus track)
4. Red Dust (live / solo version)
5. All Points (live / solo version)
6. Cavalier (1975 remix)
7. Cavalier (DPAT remix)
8. Glacier (Atu remix)