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Joe Goddard – ‘Gabriel’ (featuring Valentina) & hear the EP

Joe Goddard – ‘Gabriel’ (featuring Valentina) & hear the EP


Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard’s new solo single ‘Gabriel’ fits right into the British zeitgeist of uplifting electronic-pop while adapting Hot Chip’s dancefloor instincts to the song. The big magnet to this tune is Valentina, the female vocalist who’s soulful R&B style is something that Alexis Taylor could never truly replicate. Valentina is a member of the Greco-Roman collective (home to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) and the Gabriel EP (streamable below) is out on that label next week and on DFA in the US. Goddard will release another solo album next year.

Joe Goddard – ‘Gabriel’ (feat Valentina)

Joe Goddard – Gabriel