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Join the Nialler9 World Cup Fantasy League

Join the Nialler9 World Cup Fantasy League


With the World Cup kicking off in South Africa tomorrow, lots of people are in convulsive anticipation so if you read this blog, then you may be interested in pitting your football knowledge against others through the World Cup Fantasy Football site. I’ve set up a Nialler9 league and you can use this code to join it: 431141-100315. We’ve got 36 teams already. Should be fun. I may even be able to sort put a prize for it.

In the meantime, enjoy this edit of ‘Put Em Under Pressure’ – the finest World Cup song Ireland ever produced mixed with Justice’s ‘Water of Nazareth’ by SEBP’s Gavin Elsted.

Put Em Under Nazareth (Jack Charlton vs Justice) by USA!USA!USA!

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