, !Kaboogie Label Sampler Vol. 2 !Kaboogie Label Sampler Vol. 2 | Nialler9
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!Kaboogie Label Sampler Vol. 2

!Kaboogie Label Sampler Vol. 2

, !Kaboogie Label Sampler Vol. 2

, !Kaboogie Label Sampler Vol. 2

Dublin dubstep, ragga, jungle and electronica types !Kaboogie have made their most recent label sampler available for download from their website. There are eleven tracks in total from names like Cignol, 2-Bit, Bluefood, The Banker, A-Force, Prince Kong, Kachanski and Solen. Below are my favourites from the compilation. Get the whole thing though.

Cignol – Leiden Ex

Bluefood – Dek Rudder


Bluebottle Farm – Tom’s Swings

2-Bit – Stringaling

They’ve also been doing a mashup series which is updated every Friday. Here are two of the most recent I like.

PCP described this as possibly the best Irish made mash he’s ever heard. It’s a mash/edit/arrangement of M.I.A’s ‘Galang’ , Aphex Twin’s ‘Jynweythek Ylow’, Shackleton’s ‘Tin Foil Sky’, The Banker and Beethoven ‘Adagio Sostenuto’.

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, !Kaboogie Label Sampler Vol. 2

The Banker – Gashup

Straight turntable mash of Dr Dre’s ‘What’s the difference’ and DJ Vadim ft. Demolition Man ‘Boom Sumting’.

DJ Halfdutch – Demolition Dre

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