, Katie Kim and Crash Ensemble launch collaborative live album Salt Interventions

Dublin creatives Katie Kim and Crash Ensemble have joined forces to launch a new, collaborative live album Salt Interventions. The album will see release on November 2nd with a show in the prestigious National Concert Hall.

Katie, originally from Waterford, is an artist held in high acclaim within the Irish music scene. This collaboration with Crash Ensemble builds on her collaborative nature but approaches it in a different manner; the collaboration concentrates on her third album SALT which was released in October of 2016 to critical acclaim (it was nominated for the RTÉ Choice Music Prize in 2017).

As a taster of the album, you can watch a hyper-lapse video of the recording process. The video was filmed by Robert Watson of Afganiscan, while the live album was recorded live at the Grand Social in 2017 and produced by John Murphy of Guerrilla Studios.

Tickets to the National Concert Hall show are priced at €12 and are available here now.