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Kean Kavanagh announces Dog Person LP & ‘Emma’ video

Kean Kavanagh announces Dog Person LP & ‘Emma’ video


After looking for a rollie on a rollover, Soft Boy Kean Kavanagh has posted a 10-track long-player called Dog Person to come out on September 25th available on Bandcamp today for pre-order on vinyl.

There’s also a new track called ‘Emma’ produced by Bríen which dropped with a video by Kojaque featuring Kean and friends in animal heads having the craic and causing havoc in the Phoenix Park and surrounding areas on a gorgeous Dublin summer day.

Any Bandcamp sales made today will not be charged a fee from the platform so now is the time to support the artist.

Kean Kavanagh – Dog Person tracklist

  1. Intro
  2. Roll Over!
  3. Inspirational Interlude
  4. Sideways
  5. Coca Cola Sky
  6. Emma
  7. Patience
  8. Street Lights
  9. Snoozie
  10. Wake Up