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Kean Kavanagh gives Fragma & Coco a run for their money on ‘Miracle’

Kean Kavanagh gives Fragma & Coco a run for their money on ‘Miracle’

Ruth Cronin

If you’re a regular here on Nialler9, you probably already know Kean Kavanagh.

He was one of the co-founders of Soft Boy Records and is often on production and guest-vocal duties for Kojaque and Luka Palm, but now he’s releasing music as a solo artist in his own right.

We heard his first release in ‘Coca Cola Sky’ last year and its follow up ‘Miracle‘, out today, is a pure bop. Inspired by Fragma’s classic ‘Toca’s Miracle’, the track gives the original a lo-fi makeover with airy guitar strums and warped vocals that develop very gradually and then engulf you all at once. 

The track was produced and arranged by Kavanagh himself with Soft Boy signee Wastefellow helping out on mixing duties, and its easy to hear his influence towards the latter end of the track as the textures all begin to blend together in one big climax.

The song affirms Kavanagh as a consistently original and interesting artist (but we already knew that.). More of this please.

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