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Kelly-Anne Byrne leaving Today FM

Kelly-Anne Byrne leaving Today FM

We are always sorry to hear of radio presenters, especially late-night ones who are less beholden to the playlists of commercial radio leave their posts. The news today that Kelly-Anne Byrne is to leave Today FM with her last shows this Saturday and Sunday, stings a bit more because there is no radio presenter more individual and about a wide range of music on air in Ireland at the moment than Kelly-Anne.

Whether it’s a disco classic, a forgotten gem, an acoustic ballad or soul anthem, Kelly-Anne Byrne’s enthusiasm and love of music, and the sharing of that music always shines through on her show The Beat Goes On.

Below is the statement from the presenter on the departure, but we hope it’s not the last we hear of her on the radio, as that warmth and knowledge is scant on Irish commercial radio.

As a former colleague during the TXFM days. I have no doubt, Kelly-Anne will continue to DJ at clubs and festivals around the country. That love of music is leaving Today FM but it’ll appear elsewhere, I’m certain of it.

Kelly-Anne shared her top 10 tracks of 2019 with us in December.