, Kevin McGloughlin and Max Cooper collaborate on Resynthesis project

Kevin McGloughlin and London producer Max Cooper have collaborated on a project titled Resynthesis.

The video was directed by Kevin McGlouglin and explores themes of time and space, employing photography and realtime footage showing scenes around Dublin.

“My aspiration in this piece was to create a journey for the viewer, a passage through space and time, in an effort to represent time as a dimensional structure. I aimed to convey existence as a solid component of time, an effort to glimpse the idea that our past still exists out there in a stretched, distorted dwelling.” – Kevin McGlouglin

“For the music I wanted to bring these ideas of frozen moments of the past into play, and no better excuse to get stuck in with the Prophet 6 on some lush classic analogue synth sounds for the main chord sequence, and plenty of nob noodling for a dance of modulating sounds around the main sequence.” – Max Cooper