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Knifehandchop Breezeblock

Knifehandchop Breezeblock


Following on from my favourite Breezeblock mix ever, Irritant Records have Knifehandchop’s BBC Breezeblock up on their site for download, nice chaps they are. The Mix goes from ragga, techno, hardcore to hip-hop along with some breakcore and is a great upbeat set. Knifehandchop aka Billy Pollard is from Toronto, Canada. Now 23 he has been making electronic beats since he was 18 and very accomplished at it he is too.

Follow the link to the Irritant records website and you will also find a Peel Session from Knifehandchop, an Irritant records Resonance FM mix and the intriguingly named Pisstank live set from 2000 (Although some of these mp3s seem to be down). The Knifehandchop website also has a selection of mp3s for download. I recommend ‘tizzy tixbown riddim’ and ‘return to form’ in particular. His music is released on the Tigerbeat6 label in America who have an impressive list of artists – Kid 606, DJ/Rupture, Drop the Lime, Boy from Brazil amongst others. Have a look.


Knifehandchop Breezeblock

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