Kojaque shares a tribute to his late father & childhood potential with ‘No Hands’


Kojaque’s new song from his upcoming debut album is a personal one.

The song is dedicated to his father, who died of suicide when he was a young child, and celebrates the parental approval that kids seek from their parents, and the hope that comes from fulfilling potential.

“‘No Hands’ is about growing up. I wrote it on my 21st birthday so it’s a couple years old. I think I was just reminiscing on my childhood, trying to recount old memories. There seems to be a pretty universal feeling when you’re young and that’s wanting to make your parents proud. At least that’s what I remember, searching for approval, wanting that reassurance, the track for me say’s ‘look at me now, look how far I’ve come, imagine what else could happen’. My childhood wasn’t exactly like everyone else’s, at times I really felt like an alien but it was happy, it’s all I knew. We lost my dad to suicide when I was a child. Although the song is about that loss of potential in my dad’s death, I’ve learned to see the potential in my own life. It’s something I’ve very much come to terms with, for me it’s a very hopeful song.”

The video underscores fulfilling the childhood potential aspect of the song and is directed by Kojaque.

The single will support the Irish charity Pieta House, who help thousands of people in suicidal distress or suffering with self-harm, find a link to Pieta here – https://www.pieta.ie/support-our-work/donate/