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Kool Thing – ‘Plan.Life.Go’ (video)

Kool Thing – ‘Plan.Life.Go’ (video)


Shot from the POV of the main character and a friend, Kool Thing’s one-take music video directed, produced and edited by Robin Plessy for ‘Plan.Life.Go’ (vinyl) the protagonists find themselves in an abandoned hospital in Beelitz, Germany where a less-than-friendly gang including Jon Dark, Julie Chance and Valentin Plessy find them and are none too pleased. Don’t mess with Kool Thing, go see them this Friday at Hard Working Class Heroes at Nialler9 vs On The Record in Dublin or Iceland Airwaves in November.

The band have remixes coming of Trust and Telepathe while an album of new songs is nearly ready for next year. Co-premiered with No Fear of Pop.

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