Albums of interest to stream this week:


Adrian Crowley – I See Three Birds Flying

Another mejestic and elegiac effort from Mr. Crowley.


Caribou’s Dan Snaith goes deeper into dance music for his solo release as Daphni.

Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes

Not grabbing me as much as I’d like in truth. Gorgeous textures and production but the songs are perhaps too fleeting and in a melding mix style to really love for me. Need more time with it.

Lord Huron – Lonesome Dreams

“Cavernous choruses of Fleet Foxes or My Morning Jacket collide with the polyrhythmic playfulness of… Givers.”

Sun Airway – Soft Fall

“Soft Fall finds Barthmus at the helm, masterfully presiding over the richly layered and deeply emotive pop of the album’s eleven tracks.”

Ultraísta, – Ultraísta

Debut album from a band made up of Nigel Godrich (Radiohead’s producer), Laura Bettinson and Joey Waronker (serious session musician, played drums with Beck, REM, Thom Yorke).

Why? – Mumps, Etc

“…there’s an unforeseen jauntiness – cheeriness, even – to the record that gives it much more bounce than its predecessors.”

Other full album listens of interest:

Beth Orton – Sugaring Season

“…electric instrumentation, instead recasting its star as a modern practitioner of classic English folk a la Pentangle.”

DÉbruit – From the Horizon

“A scribbled funk that occasionally resembles hip-hop but more often than not just assumes whatever shapes it can make from the odd edges leftover from Thomas’ artisan craft.”

Freelance Whales – Diluvia

“The songs practically glow with multi-part vocal harmonies, banjos, strings, horns and other mad manmade clatter.”

Matt & Kim – Lightning

“…they are willing to try a few different directions to keep things fresh. “

Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dream

“..sounds like the Los Angeles-born singer took a hard look at R&B, pop, rock, funk and “club-aware electronic soul,” gleefully smashed those plates and glued them all together. “

Taken By Trees – Other Worlds

“…it’s a perfectly lovely and lilting thing, an island-dazed dub-pop concept record that feels like it would be best enjoyed while wearing linen and sandals and maybe, like, silk pants. “

Tame Impala – Lonerism

“Not a collection of psychedelic freakouts so much as a collection of controlled psychedelic slow-burns..” 

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