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Korallreven remix Olof from The Knife, Britney & Ciara

Korallreven remix Olof from The Knife, Britney & Ciara

Swedish dream-popsters Korallreven dropped a succint awesome 25 minute mix (below) yesterday to promote their upcoming debut An Album By Korallreven on Acephale Records. It’s the third in the duo’s trilogy of remixes and it contains three edits in particular that take it beyond a regular mixtape. Thankfully each track on the mix is available for free download and in particular, the remixes of Olof of The Knife’s side project Oni Ayhun, Ciara’s ‘Deuces’ (last heard remixed by Nguzunguzu) and the big echoey rework of Britney Spear’s ‘Till The World Ends’ are pretty phenomenal.

Summer may be gone but Korallreven know how to induce sunshine joy.

Download: Oni Ayhun – OAR003B (Korallreven Version)

Download:Ciara – Deuces (Korallreven Version)

Download:Britney Spears – Till The World Ends (Korallreven Version)


1. Korallreven – Fall Asleep / Keep Your Eyes Shut
2. Ciara – Deuces (Korallreven Version)
3. Britney Spears – Till The World Ends (Korallreven Version)
4. Korallreven – Ah Ah
5. Music Of Samoa – Ua Ao Popo Ua O Le Aso Ula (Korallreven Version)
6. The Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes (Korallreven Version)
7. This Is Head – 0007 (A Remix By Korallreven)
8. Oni Ayhun – OAR003-B (Korallreven Version)

Download:Korallreven’s A Dream Within A Dream Mix

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