After years of working the live circuit, Limerick/Cork based artist Laura Duff finally graces our ears with her debut single ‘Up To You’.

The former winner of the Paul Clancy Young Songwriter Award began her musical journey with Music Generation Limerick where she formed female fronted indie group ‘Little Tents‘, who performed at the 2015 Irish Youth Music Awards.

The instrumental resonates a strange mix between Nina Simone and later Arctic Monkeys, creating an aura of familiarity and emotion that is further backed up by Duff’s soft and endearing voice.

This mixes perfectly with the lyrics of the song as they create a wholesome climate with themes surrounding friendship, love, ignoring the passage of time and appreciating the little things.

Behind the track is a collective of talented Cork musicians from JJ Lee (Messyng/Ghostking is dead), Christopher O’Sullivan (Aponym/Dry Roasted Peanuts) and Cónal Murphy (Rich City Vultures).

The single, which was recorded and produced by Christian Best of Monique Studios, Co. Cork, is the first track to be dropped from Duff’s upcoming EP titled, ‘For Your Company’, hinted for release early 2019.