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Le Boom release viral TikTok song ‘Australia’

Le Boom release viral TikTok song ‘Australia’

Last month, Irish electro-pop band Le Boom posted a video on TikTok of a live performance of a song called ‘Australia’ from a live show that went viral.

The clip featured Le Boom’s main songwriter and musician Christy Leech’s brother Andy Leech, doing a spoken word piece over the band’s electronic pop about the many number of young Irish people who have left Ireland for Australia, echoing the concurrent themes of necessary emigration that feature in the regular Irish songs column, almost every week.

The clip reached racking up over 500,000 views in the first day, and was taken by a fan at one of Le Boom’s secret-location raves in Dublin in April.

@andys.words Replying to @Andy’s words part 2 of “Australia” performed with @Le Boom last month in Dublin. Tune out really soon. #spokenword #irishinaustralia #irishabroad☘️ #australia ♬ original sound – Andy’s words

Part one.

Le Boom have now released the recording of the song, which comes out tomorrow along with a B-side called ‘Town’ also featuring Andy. ‘Australia’ certainly has a Fred Again.. vibe to its instrumental to match Andy’s words.

Le Boom Linktree.

Le Boom’s festival tour dates include in Ireland (Sea Sessions, All Together Now), UK (Secret Garden Party, Latitude) and Spain (Vesu) with Andy as a guest.

Add the song to streaming here.


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