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Le Boom speak on the selves we portray at night on ‘Animal’

Le Boom speak on the selves we portray at night on ‘Animal’

Dublin electronic dance duo Le Boom are releasing their fourth single ‘Animal’.

The superb track has all the hallmarks of Le Boom’s previous material. Lead singer and songwriter Christy Leech’s falsetto is still the perfect instrument for delivering memorable hooks over the shimmer of the group’s instrumentals. Also present is the excellent standard of production, heard best in the gorgeous low end of the mix.

Speaking about the meaning behind ‘Animal’, Leech commented “Privately, we might be very lonely and anxious but when we go out at night we can portray a very different version of ourselves. It’s like we can become something different. Then when we are out, we can recognise our own loneliness in a stranger and be attracted to that.”

‘Animal’ marks a bit of an evolution for the group’s sound. While still very much a dance track, the song would feel just at home through headphones or radio speakers as it would filling out a dancefloor. It’s dance music with all the trappings and benefits of well-constructed songcraft.

Le Boom play District 8 on November 9th, tickets are sold out.

The band are also set to play a host of other gigs around the country and abroad, dates and details included below.

Nov 10 – INEC Killarney
Nov 17 – Bilboloop, Bilbao
Dec 14 – Factory Waterford
Dec 30 – Dolan’s Limerick
Dec 31 – Roisin Dubh, Galway