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LehtMoJoe Common/Passion Pit remixes

LehtMoJoe Common/Passion Pit remixes



After remixing Major Lazer and Peter Bjorn and John in recent weeks, Dallas Texas’ LehtMoJoe has issued the latest installment in his remix a week series – until his album drops on July 31st, that’s good PR right there.

The latest one is a remix of Common’s ‘Gladiator’ which follows on from last week’s remix of Passion Pit’s forthcoming single ‘Little Secrets’. Both are pretty cool reworks. Geddim.

There’s a remix contest for the Passion Pit tune over here.

Common – Gladiator (LehtMoJoe remix)

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (LehtMoJoe remix)

Peter Bjorn & John – Nothing to Worry About (LehtMoJoe Remix)

Major Lazer – (LehtMoJoe remix)