, Let Meltybrains? teach you ‘The Vine’ in their new instructional music video

Meltybrains? took a left and right turn with ‘The Vine’ the polychromatic tropical recent single that sounded like it was born in the Caribbean rather than Dublin.

“It’s glad to define the fine line of rudiments & the forgotten necessity of the vine,” the song nonsensically goes, but who cares when the song is this fun?
With help from director Louise Gaffney in their new video, the Melty boys are here to show you how to do the Vine, a dance you will have seen at their live shows.

When we perform this song live, we reach the percussion breakdown, and proceed to break into an all out frenzy of a dance. At previous shows we have had dancers appear for a full choreographed dance routine, led conga lines through audiences, and climbed onto the roof of the Body & Soul main stage at Electric Picnic, to name a few antics! We decided we needed to get the crowd more involved, so we came up with shooting a music video which teaches the audience the dance. In the video, it is a pineapple who teaches us the dance, because….. well because we’re Meltybrains?.

You can catch these messers at Electric Picnic.

Download ‘The Vine’.