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Let’s take a look shall we..

Let’s take a look shall we..

Fight like Apes

I want to do a quick post on some music and blogs I’ve seen over the last few weeks that deserve some attention if you haven’t seen them yet.

  • All the Irish bloggers are going NUTS for Fight like Apes and their song “Lend me your Face” and rightly so from what I’ve heard so far. Una, Phil, Donal, Shane and Bobby have been enthusing about them of late. Looking forward to seeing them live and hearing their fantastically-titled EP How Am I Supposed To Kill You If You Have All The Guns?. [Be their Myspace buddies]
  • Bobby also featured Thinguma*jigSaw this week. It’s pretty fascinating music. I like his description too – “A banjo. A flute. A seriously demented singer.”. Norwegian born but lighting up the Dublin scene with their musical madness. [Myspace]
  • A couple of new blogs too. Firstly, the voice of the nialler9 Podcast, Aoife Mc has started her own Podcast for her excellent radio show The Indie Hour on DCAL 103.2. Go to the site where you can subscribe and hear the likes of Terrordactyl, Dry County, Evil Harrisons, Jinx Lennon, Straglers, Super Extra Bonus Party and Robotnik talking about their tunes and some live sessions too. Biggin’ up Irish music Aoife!
  • Also new on the block, The New(ish) Journalism. Music, sports, film, politics, and the hopelessly pointless are the name of the game according to John the blog’s owner. He’s already featured Fujiya and Miyagi, A-Trak, Street Fighter 2 parodies and the General Election.
  • Lastly, this Friday sees two great gigs from Foggy Notions, Grizzly Bear in Whelans as the early show (8pm) and Subtle with support from Super Extra Bonus Party and Donal Dineen DJing in Crawdaddy (11.30pm). I’ll be doing visuals for the Boners as usual, so come along! Subtle’s For Hero For Fool was one of my top 20 albums of last year so I’m really looking forward to it!
  • We hit 300 posts and over 1500 comments today! Here’s a new Erykah Badu song “Real Thing” with production from Madlib to celebrate!

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