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Listen to Nguzunguzu’s Warm Pulse EP

, Listen to Nguzunguzu’s Warm Pulse EP

Nguzunguzu’s aquatic R&B textures, ominous tense melodies and grime-influenced beats have been distinctive in all the LA duo of Daniel Pineda and Asma Maroof’s releases thus far but their new Warm Pulse EP on the Hippos In Tanks label amps up it up on the tension front. That means the EP is perhaps less suitable for dancefloors than previous releases (unless you go to some weird-ass druggy parties) but it packs no less a punch in the sonic stakes.

There’s plenty of oddness to enjoy: from the swooshing X-Files-esque crunk and bell melody in ‘Drop Cage’, the horror stance of ‘No Longer’, the blown-out blurred beats of ‘Warm Pulse’, ‘Delirium’s aptly-described central melody and the ultra-bleep and bass intensity of ‘Smoke Alarm’. The EP is out now digitally and gets a physical release on August 14th.

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