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Listen to Daithí’s house remix of I’m Your Vinyl’s ‘Erase It’

Listen to Daithí’s house remix of I’m Your Vinyl’s ‘Erase It’

I’m Your Vinyl’s recent single ‘Erase You’ has some retro pop swing to it.

Not in Daithí’s production hands though. His remix takes Dana Donnelly’s vocal and surrounds it with some string-assisted house beats.

Daithí’s at Longitude this Saturday with a new improvised live show and guest vocalists Elaine Mai, Senita, Raye and Sinead White. I’m Your Vinyl are on tour with Ryan Sheridan at the moment.

Daithí on the remix:

As usual, it was the vocal that really made me jump at the chance to make this remix. Rhythmic punchy choruses are perfect for my style of music, something you can sing along too easily while bouncing around. Lyrics wise it’s similar in theme to my track Case Closed from last year, so I wanted to give the remix the same type of attitude, that kind of Irish response of ‘yea, I couldn’t really care less about you anymore’ to break ups.

Ken I’m Your Vinyl on the track:

I Love where Daithi took the song in this remix, Balearic, club friendly and seductive. Takes me on a memory re-wind of sun drenched holidays abroad.

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