, Listen to Dublin busking sensation Acid Granny’s new track ‘Smells Great’
Photo by Rosie O’Mahony

Acid Granny have released their first official track ‘Smells Great’ on Spotify yesterday and we are delighted.

The song’s beat is carried by a smooth kick drum and distorted keys that is not too unlike the backing to a Death Grips track.

The group has been picking up traction recently after a video of them walking around a Dublin suburb went viral. It was retweeted by the Rubberbandits saying “I love everything about this.” Watch below:

You may have seen these guys around town before, they’re hard to miss. They can be found busking on Grafton Street, Temple Bar or O’Connell bridge but Acid Granny is not your run of the mill, ‘Anyway here’s Wonderwall’ buskers.

They produce tunes live that range from drum and bass to acid to rap all from a trolley. There’s a variety of musical equipment that Acid Granny use to create their original sound including a Dora the Explorer children’s keyboard.

The song is a collaboration between Acid Granny, Minglord Gran Reilly, and Taoiseach Shame. We can’t wait to see what they do next.