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Listen to Låpsley’s new single ‘Hurt Me’ / ‘Burn’

Listen to Låpsley’s new single ‘Hurt Me’ / ‘Burn’


It’s no surprise to hear Låpsley’s new music move into more of a pop sphere. It follows the now well-trodden trajectory of a label-signed artist, who releases the more indie-sounding singles early on to blog-buzz before crossing over into a larger consciousness.

Except this time, that label is XL Recordings and the artist, Liverpool’s Holly Fletcher aka Låpsley has already established a unique sound – a brittle dropped vocal electronic ambient style. New single ‘Hurt Me’ just crystallises that sound for a larger audience without compromising the overall style. Fletcher’s vocals grow in stature and reach and the result is a larger sonic scape, that isn’t a million miles away from the feel of Grimes’ recent work.

The B-side ‘Hurt Me’ is more like the Lapsley you know, and is equally beguiling.

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Låpsley - Hurt Me (Official Audio)

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