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Listen to Loud Mouth Collective Volume 3

Listen to Loud Mouth Collective Volume 3

Loud Mouth Collective released Volume 3 in their series of compilations in the pre-Christmas rush. This one features Loudmouth regulars Redahan, CF Meister, The Gruesome Twosome, Archetype, Cian and Intuitive Travels in Sound while first-timers this time around include Lorem Ipsum, edit;erase, Benny Smiles and more.

There’s more of a rap lean to the first half than the previous two compilations while electronic and post-dubstep sounds dominate side B. Another assured collection from a collective who are making lots of lovely noise in Dublin at the moment.

My favourite tracks are Intuitive Travels In Sound’s ‘Lush Rain’, Benny Smiles’ ‘Sunday Morning’ (reminds me of Adebisi Shank), Redahan’s ‘Ru in Daejeon’, C.F Meister’s ‘Passport’ and Lorem Ipsum’s Death Grips mashup with White Town’s ‘Your Woman’. Basically, the electronic half but I’m digging the rap stuff too which is mostly of the old school, jazzy hip-hop style.

Here’s footage from the launch…

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