, Listen to Papa Lou’s Electric Picnic Peace Pagoda mix – Clu Lagoon

The Peace Pagoda is “an alternative sanctuary” at Electric Picnic in the healing area of Body&Soul at the festival featuring live ambient and electronic music, talks yoga, workshops, DJ sets and projection mapped visuals.

Curated by Kevin A Freeney & Body&Soul with production by Algorithm and food by Native Spaces, it will feature sets from Sias, Emmet Homebeat, Somadrone, Clu and Frankie Grimes while talks include Trailblaze’s Census of the Heart, The Transformative Power of Art & Discourse in the Pro-Choice movement, John G Mind Calm coaching and more, as listed.

Diskotekken’s Papa Lou is on Sunday night before Clu so he’s put together a Clu Lagoon mix to give you a flavour of what to expect.