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Listen to Richie Egan’s off-cuts collection .wav goodbye

Listen to Richie Egan’s off-cuts collection .wav goodbye


.wav goodbye is an 8-track collection of music cut from the demo folders of Richie Egan aka Jape, previously unreleased and available on Bandcamp for pay what you want.

Richie had this to say:

here’s a little home recorded experiment of stuff i wanna move on from, my friends always tell me i never release most of the stuff i do, and that is true to be honest because i see song writing as a gift to help with my mental health..

so when the song is done i feel like in a way it has served it’s purpose.. but i thought i’d show you some of the out casts that thus far haven’t seen the light..

hope you’re good and i hope you dig the roughness and weirdness of these tunes..

.wav goodbye
x rich

Jape plays Vicar Street on December 12th.

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