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Listen to tracks from New Jackson’s Metroflex 12″

Listen to tracks from New Jackson’s Metroflex 12″


The latest release, coming Monday from New Jackson on the Major Problems label, is a less cleaner, deeper take on the kind of dance music David Kitt has been making of late.

The percussive drops and chord style is still present but ‘Talkin’ To You’ feels murkier, more degraded with noise and less willing to stand out in front. It certainly harks back to an older sound, in contrast to his recent Fort Romeau collaboration and last year’s emotional ‘Having A Coke With You’.

You can also hear the remixed B-side ‘Metroflex’ by The Hieroglyphic Being Experience, which is slightly more acidic.

New Jackson – ‘Talkin’ To You’


New Jackson – ‘Metroflex (The Hieroglyphic Being Experience)’

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